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Montgomery County, Texas, CSA
"A definitive history of Montgomery County’s involvement in the War Between the States and the men from that county who served in the military of the Confederate States of America."


Montgomery County, Texas CSA is a must-have for anyone who had a Montgomery County, Texas ancestor who fought for the Confederacy during the War Between the States. Historian Frank M. Johnson conducted years of research in local, state and federal archives to create what is without a doubt the most comprehensive history of the important roles that the soldiers from Montgomery County, Texas played in that epic conflict.

In recent years, there has been a rebirth in the study of the history of Montgomery County. This rebirth has seen a new generation of historians who rely almost entirely on primary sources rather than stale and often inaccurate secondary sources. What these historians in recent years have produced are far more accurate and useful histories. Montgomery, County, Texas CSA is the most recent contribution by one of these new historians. As such, Montgomery County, Texas CSA is destined to become the historical authority on this period in Montgomery County's history for many years to come. Genealogists seeking sources of information about Montgomery County will also find this volume an essential tool as hundreds of names are listed with information about the military regiments in which these men fought during the war.

- by Kameron K. Searle, J.D. -

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