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Historian, Frank Johnson has been studying Texas and American history for more than forty years. His areas of expertise are 19th Century America and Texas history from 1835 through 1890.

A sixth generation Texan, Mr. Johnson was raised in Liberty County and has resided in Montgomery County for the last thirty years. He is currently a board member of Montgomery County Historical Commission and Vice-President of the Texas Heritage Society.

As a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in 2006, he was charged with the task of locating, documenting and acquiring military markers for Confederate veterans buried in Montgomery County. His in-depth research into the records of these veterans led to a passionate study of the families of these men and their impact on the history of Montgomery from statehood to the end of the War Between the States.
Confederate Grave Marker
Montgomery County, Texas, CSA>
After seven years of intense research and the examination of thousands of records, Frank Johnson has produced the most accurate and comprehensive account ever published concerning Montgomery County during this incredible period of history. The book includes thumbnail sketches of 735 men from Montgomery County that served in the Confederate Military along biographies of more than 24 families and the history of more than two dozen Texas regiments. There also an appendix of the 235 Confederate Veterans that are known to be buried in Montgomery County.
His new book "Rebuke and Forever Silence" was released on January 29, 2017 and is available from this website. This publication reveals the true agenda of President Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party during the War Between the States. At this time, Mr. Johnson is preparing to release several new publications including a revealing book about the hidden agenda of President Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party during the War Between the States.

In addition, the book details the events leading up to America's bloodiest war and shows how the actions of "The Party of Lincoln" continue impact America today. The story is both revealing and shocking.

Rebuke and Forever Silence
Frank M. Johnson, Fernland Historic Park
Mr. Johnson continues to participate in the activities of many of the heritage organizations in Montgomery County and diligently supports the preservation of historical sites. He is also available for speaking engagements on a variety of historical subjects.

He takes advantage of every opportunity to tell the true history of the War Between the States to everyone that is interested in American and Texas history.

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